Thursday, January 21, 2010

State Issuer Joins Money Market Expo

MMX and iMoneyNet announce the addition of a new speaker to MMX

Marjorie E. Henning, General Counsel, New York City Office of Management and Budget

Will be joining the following panel:

Special Tax-Exempt Breakout Discussion

This one-hour session, during the Main Conference day March 8 2.00 pm, will provide a general market update and an issuer view towards variable rate debt going forward.

Confirmed Speakers:

Mary Jo Ochson, Chief Investment Officer – Municipal Money
Markets, Federated Investors
Adam Rudner, Director, Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
Ben Schuler, Municipal Research Analyst, Fidelity Investments

More Restrictions, Dazed and Confused Tax Payers

That man standing behind President Barack Obama? That's Paul Volcker. So now what happens to Money Funds and who will be the next systemic regulator?

My bets are on the Fed.

President Obama is harnessing taxpayer anger about banks to push more restrictions.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Announcing New Speaker: Burcu Duygan-Bump, Senior Financial Economist, Federal Reserve Bank -- Boston

Special Speaker: BURCU DUYGAN-BUMP, Senior Financial Economist, FEDERAL RESERVE BANK -- BOSTON

Ms. Duygan-Bump will give a speech delineating the AMLF outcomes, starting with a description of who used them, and then following up with how they were used, and a description of their changing characteristics over time. The talk will end with a 30-minute question and answer period with the delegates. Times will be announced shortly. Please stay tuned.

For more information and to register for the forum, please visit the 12th Annual Money Market Expo, which takes place March 8-10, 2010 in Orlando, Florida.