Friday, December 18, 2009

Standard & Poor's Joins Forces with the Money Market Expo

Proving again that strategic partnerships in the money markets produce strong results and community-minded content, we are proud to announce that Standard & Poor's has just agreed to sponsor the 2010 Expo. We are excited about this and so is S&P.

Thank you.

Evolving Implications in an Uncertain Year

This is the year that will see more participation from corporate treasurers, institutional investors and municipal issuers, as well as voices from portfolio managers that have not been heard before, or who have not been heard from at the expo in a number of years.

We welcome speakers from S&P, who have helped make this happen, and who will be bringing their astute observations to the discussion.

Peter Rizzo, Senior Managing Director
Anthony Ivancich, Associate Director

They will be speaking on two panels:

March 8, 2010 at 9:00am
Adapting to Regulatory Changes


March 9, 2010 at 3:20pm
Evaluating Risks in Money Funds: Credit Assessments, Liquidity Risks and Credit Ratings

A new speaker, Esther Chance, Portfolio Manager at Invesco Aim joins that panel, as well.

Other New Additions to the Program

Special Tax-Exempt Breakout Discussion on the Main Conference Day, March 8, 2.00 pm

This one-hour session will provide a general market update and an issuer view going forward.

Three money funds experts will be joined by a large issuer from New York and a major national health care issuer, schedules.

Confirmed Speakers:
Mary Jo Ochson, Chief Investment Officer – Municipal Money Markets, Federated Investors
Adam Rudner, Director, Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.
Ben Shuler, Municipal Research Analyst, Fidelity Investments

March 9, 2010 at 1:15pm

A Blackrock Analyst Presents: Municipal Bond Market Fundamental and Technical Perspective

This special topic presentation provides insight into State and Local credits.
The fiscal condition of U.S. State and Local governments has been a growing concern among investors. A muni analyst from Blackrock leads an engaging discussion and presentation about the municipal markets. The session will provide a greater perspective on the fundamentals and the technical risks, as well as opportunities within the sector.

Then we have a new round table discussion on that same day, starting around 4:30pm:

Brews & News Roundtables: Who Wins? Solving the How to Manage Money Markets Question for a Return to a New Normal in the Industry

•Who benefits most from the new SEC regulations and how will portfolio managers tune their fundamental practices now that decisions in regulation have been made
•How are approved lists managed internally in the tax-exempt and the taxable spaces to induce stability of risk and assurance of return?

Roundtables will be set up to debate the topic, discuss the consequences and benefits of new regulations or pending new regulations. Take advantage of this time to have your voice heard and to enjoy refreshments with your colleagues.

If you are interested in being a speaker on the program,E-mail Me!.

Additional new speakers to the program:

Peter Yi, Senior Portfolio Manager – Short Duration Fixed Income, The Northern Trust
Paul Reisz, Senior Vice President -- Product Manager, PIMCO

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