Monday, January 10, 2011

Warren Buffett Short Term = FAIL

For many people Warren Buffett is a role model. Beginners are wowed by his investment strategies and if they can stand the long term processes are sure to gain success. However many beginners want to get immediate capital gains on their investments which is not really where Warren Buffet’s strategies lead them.

Invest for Long term instead of short term - Say's Warren.

Warren Buffett’s strategy is to invest and hold for long term rather than short term profits. Even if investments have higher gains in short terms periods he will hold those stocks for the long term rather than cashing out quickly. Don’t worry about short term fluctuations and just hold on. He always bases judgment on the overall business not just the stock details. Purchasing into a good business which has strong business management and companies’ financial health is positive strategy to long term gains.

Warren Buffett suggests not to be an active day trader, the active day trader is generally focused on the short term investment rather than the long term gains. So their decisions are based on a quick hit and potential gain. Warren on the other hand see’s the potential on holding on to a stock for the long term.

A key suggestion from Warren Buffet -- “Stay away from leverage”.

So do you agree or disagree with Warren’s strategy? Do you think Short Term Strategies = FAIL?

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